We empower organisations to be more successful by bringing strategy to life.

We use our unique process to apply world-renowned strategy facilitation techniques and develop a strategy that fits your organisation perfectly.

We mentor and coach the leadership team, empowering them to lead their staff with confidence.

We provide an ongoing framework that allows you to monitor progress, adjust to accommodate change and most importantly, achieve success – whatever that definition may be.

The Langano Team includes some of Brisbane’s most experienced business consultants and practitioners, guided by a passion to bring strategy to life so we can build thriving, prosperous businesses with confident owners.

Joe Barnewall  Managing Director & Principal Consultant    E  joe.barnewall@langano.com.au  M  0403 293 530

Joe Barnewall
Managing Director & Principal Consultant

E joe.barnewall@langano.com.au
M 0403 293 530

Our Leader

Joe Barnewall, Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Strengthening our brand promise of ‘bringing strategy to life', Joe created and has led the Langano Business Strategists team since 1999. Working with leadership, change management, and business strategy tools, Joe draws on his CEO, General Manager and Board experience in organisations such as The Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, SunSuper Ltd, Ashley Munro and Darling Downs Foods ltd, to assist entrepreneurs and businesses leaders transform their organisations in order to achieve and surpass their goals.

With specialist knowledge and expertise in manufacturing, agri-industry, education, health, water supply, waste water treatment and public sector reform, Joe believes that businesses are more likely to succeed when they harness creativity and innovation within a professional, customer-centric framework.

Joe uses an integrated process that starts with an organisation’s purpose and values, analyses its financial capacity and pressure points, develops an appropriate strategy for its unique position and mentors and guides the leadership team through strategy implementation, while supporting them in managing change.  

Joe derives a great sense of fulfilment from working with people, helping them to achieve the best they are capable of - and then achieving more. He encourages leaders to look through the eyes of their staff, suppliers and competitors, to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of their business and its drivers.

Qualifications & Memberships:

  • Company Director’s Diploma

  • Masters of Business Administration - UQ

  • Graduate Certificate of Management - QUT

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Econ) - UQ

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management

  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Our Team

The Langano team consists of six consultants all of whom are highly experienced in their fields. Combined, the team has over 235 years of experience in specialty areas including; leadership, planning, financial management, accounting, marketing and communications, international business and export, risk management and cash flow planning.

The Langano Story

Behind our name

In 1989 the founder of Langano Business Strategists, Joe and his wife Kate, went to live and work in Ethiopia. As an agricultural economist Joe worked on the World Bank’s Fourth Livestock Development Project while Kate worked for UNICEF.

For 20 months they lived in this beautiful country and worked with wonderful people who were suffering under a communist dictatorship and torn by civil war. Because of this, the only place that Joe and Kate could go and really relax was a guest house on the shores of Lake Langano. It was the place they went to unwind – Lake Langano gave them peace of mind.

That’s why Joe chose to name his company Langano, because as it once did for him, Langano gives organisation leaders peace of mind, support and a safe-haven.