Our Clients Achieve:

An inspired vision, created by leadership and shared by the whole team.
An empowered leadership team who acts with confidence.
A clear path, underpinned by the core ideologies of the business for all to follow.
A team that not only commits to a greater purpose but understands, appreciates and respects their role in achieving that purpose.
A respect for innovation where “the best” is constantly challenged by “what can be better”.

We do this with coaching & mentoring or tailored project work.


Coaching & Mentoring

Our coaching and mentoring takes you, as an executive or leader, or your team on a journey. Coaching focuses on tasks, tactics, performance and feedback within your team. Mentoring focuses on capability, wisdom and confidence for executives and leaders. Where you need support most, that’s where we will focus our efforts, because each business and each leader faces unique challenges.

When you’re running a solo operation, it’s hard to find the space to focus on strategy, but when there is someone on the journey with you to lead and support the process, it is much easier to make it all happen. 

We have three coaching and mentoring packages designed to suit your different requirements - and can be as hands on or as hands off as you feel comfortable with.

To learn more about our coaching & Mentoring, click here to download our brochure.

Our Process for Projects

When we work with an organisation on a specific project, it usually relates to one or several of the stages below. We work with you to complete that stage in the most honest, successful and integrated way possible so it can lay a robust and strong foundation for the next step.

The process, while involving a set of clearly defined stages, is not linear. It evolves and grows as your organisation does. Each time you travel around the process, you get a better understanding of it. Each time you travel around the process, you bring more people on that journey with you and grow that sense of shared vision and understanding. The better that shared understanding, the better realised a strategy becomes.

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Clarify the Ideology of Success

Success looks different to every person. The initial stage is unique to the business owners, and is where the idea of success is clarified so we have a greater understanding of motivations behind objectives and goals.

Consolidate the Business Model

The business model underpins everything. We work with the owners and leadership team to define the business model, analyse it for improvement and make it clear. Without a clear model, an organisation has no operational guide.

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Define the Value Proposition

The value proposition is what sets you apart from the rest, it is why your customers choose you and every person in every organization needs to be able to articulate your value proposition. We work with you to define yours, validate it and create a shared understanding around it.

Identifying the Core Things That Matter

The things that matter are the principles, the purpose and the values that create a framework for the behavior and decisions of your team. We work with you to deconstruct and, if required, rebuild them so they are the shared vision of all those in your organisation.

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Develop a strategy

With the previous stages as a set of clear guidelines for developing your strategy, the organisation’s unique position is assessed and a set of strategies for achieving the goals is developed. This process produces a two-page plan that breaks down the strategy into a 90-day action plan. 

Mentoring and Coaching

We work with the business leadership team to ensure they have the confidence and capacity to realise their own roles in reaching these objectives and bringing their teams along the journey in an aligned, shared, empowered way.

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