How entrepreneurs can use government funding and support to boost your business

There’s never any harm in looking at alternative funding options to make some room in your cashflow, grow your business and invest in the areas that can make a difference. Even entrepreneurs who are doing well financially can benefit from business support programs through collaboration, innovation and alternative expertise. 

The recent volatile history of the Queensland government has led most of us away from looking to government resources when it comes to small business. However, there are a few programs and initiatives that you should know about. Here’s four programs available right now that could help you to take the next step in your business. 


Industry Accelerators Program

This offers programs to develop and market test new products and services that can increase productivity and global investment in Queensland. This program helps entrepreneurs to secure investment and obtain new customers. 


Ignite Ideas Fund

This fund supports the development of new or improved products or processes or services to secure investment, launch global markets and grow business. Funding of up to $250,000 per project is available to businesses conducting activities that prove your idea will work or to assist with identifying a market or investor for your product, process or service. 

  • Eligibility: Must meet criteria
  • Funding: $250,000 per project
  • Applications: Applicants can apply for round two on 12 September
  • Click here to learn more.


Global Partnership Awards

Supports collaboration between Queensland businesses and international innovators by offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn directly from overseas successes. By establishing strategic medium-long term relationships with global research and innovation organisations, Queensland businesses can be supported and guided in growing and expanding. 

Click here to learn more.


Commercialisation Partnership

This program places Queensland innovators in Chinese incubators to collaborate with global expertise, access top facilities and accelerate commercial outcomes. Placements run for 75 to 90 days. 

  • Eligibility: Queensland based businesses with less than 200 employees must meet additional criteria
  • Funding: $480,000 over three years or until program funding is exhausted
  • Applications: Applications open October 2016
  • Click here to learn more. 


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