Four templates every Google manager and leader uses

While Google has become the world leader for its technology and innovation, it’s internal culture and values have led it to create one of the most sophisticated and successful management programs in business history. They share many of their pearls of wisdom, research finding such as the traits of the most successful teams and interesting information on their blog Re:Work. Re:work is a place they call the ‘Water Cooler’ for fresh ideas and findings from organizational leaders and researchers on how they’re making work better but in recent times they have also shared some integrally valuable tools for business leaders.

These tools are available for download and are the simple, but sophisticated and high impact resources every Google manager and leader uses on a day-to-day basis.

We have had a look through and although we provide clients with our own forms, resources and tools for more effective and successful management, we think they’re pretty great. So today we’re sharing them all with you – so everyone can enjoy more management success.

If you would like to know more about how to implement these tools and use them effectively in your business, the Langano team is always here to help.


Manager Feedback Survey: Click here to download PDF

The feedback a manager gets through this survey is purely developmental. It isn't directly considered in performance or compensation reviews, in the hope that Googlers will be honest and constructive with their feedback. The survey itself is short. It's roughly a dozen statements with a Likert scale measuring if Googlers agree or disagree with the statements. Each statement is based on one of the eight behaviors of successful managers at Google.


New Manager Training Course Material: Click here to download from Re:Work

These course materials were originally designed for Google managers to help them transition from individual contributor roles to manager roles. In addition to building skills, the curriculum incorporates introspection, perspective shifting, and awareness building. This product has been influenced by years of iteration, internal and external research, and feedback from new managers. This version has been modified to make it as useful as possible for an external audience. Adapt it to fit your organization’s culture and needs.


“One Simple Thing" Worksheet: Click here to download PDF

Google makes available a popular goal-setting practice to encourage personal well-being called “One Simple Thing.” Individuals can set a goal to improve their well-being and work-life flexibility, and managers can help their team members adhere to those goals.


One to One Meeting Tools: Click here to view resources on Re:Work

In the Project Oxygen study, the team found that our higher-scoring managers are more likely than lower-scoring managers to have frequent 1:1 (“one-on-one”) meetings with their team members. Meeting frequently and individually with team members can require a large time investment, but can identify issues early and provides a forum for the manager to give feedback and guidance. The team asked our best managers how they hold effective 1:1 meetings.