The small business paradox of 'busy-ness'

Planning our actions provides clarity about what we are seeking to do, guidance about how we will do it, communicates our intentions to align our team and helps us identify and reduce risk. So why are we choosing not to plan and instead fly by night?

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How Australian SMEs can leverage technology to improve the customer experience

As a phrase, ‘Customer Experience’ has become familiar to CEOs but it’s value does not seem to have resonated with a lot of small to medium sized businesses in Australia yet. It has a potentially enormous impact on your bottom line - so here is what you need to do to harness the power of technology and improve the Customer Experience your business offers…

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Four templates every Google manager and leader uses

Calling all managers and business leaders!

Google have released four of their exclusively developed management tools available for download, customisation and use in your own business. You can get your copies of them here... 

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