The small business paradox of 'busy-ness'

Planning our actions provides clarity about what we are seeking to do, guidance about how we will do it, communicates our intentions to align our team and helps us identify and reduce risk. So why are we choosing not to plan and instead fly by night?

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Are we missing the point of strategy?

In my early days as a newly minted CEO, I discovered that it was incredibly easy to overlook the most important part of strategy… This is what I learnt.

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A helpful tool to improve your strategic plan implementation

By applying one simple principle to your strategic plan, you can take it from an annual document that sits on a shelf to a robust guide for your business decisions.

Here is how…

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If your 2018 strategy doesn’t do this, it will be a fundamental failure

Only 6% of business leaders actually do this effectively, an alarming figure because if you don't, your business strategy is likely to fail. Learn what it is and how you can ensure you do it well in your organisation here. 

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The three things every business owner needs to know and understand to make 2018 the most successful year yet

Instead of reflecting on the year that was, let's use today to be inspired and envision the year that could be. Here are the three things every business owner needs to know and understand to be more successful in 2018... 

What are your goals for the upcoming year? 

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Would you like $5,000 from the government to boost your business?

The government wants to give new small businesses up to $5,000 matched funding to engage a consultant, strategist or business coach. Here's what you need to know! 

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